Winning Tips To Beat Hockey Smell by AJ Lee of Pro Stock Hockey

Hockey is a sport that can be quite demanding on an athlete. With water accounting for about 73 percent of lean body mass, there is plenty of sweating done over the course of three periods. Players give it their all from the drop of the puck to the final horn.

This effort brings with it an unwanted odor, plus sometimes harmful side effects from sweating. It is important to know how to counter those dreaded smells of the game. With the following tips, it will be much easier to hip check stench into the boards.

Wash & Dry

Taking care of yourself starts with taking care of your gear. Washing gear decreases the risk of a skin infection. Gloves, in particular, should be washed every few days. While some might think that aeration is the hardest part of equipment maintenance, drying gear is simpler than you think. Simply hang gear on a clothesline. Just like old times!


Another trick to proper drying is removing the soles of hockey skates. This is another way to decrease the chance of infection. Compression products are also recommended for bacteria prevention as they help soak up moisture during the game.

New Gear

The best way to control stench is by purchasing brand-new gear. All gear has a lifespan, and you don’t want to keep gear too long. If you start seeing mold or mildew forming on your pads, it’s time for a change. Sticks break (and therefore are replaced) frequently, but the need to upgrade other equipment tends to be overlooked. Hockey is a very expensive sport, so it can be quite easy to put this off, but do your best to not make this mistake. Put some money aside for upgrades, as equipment impacts your safety — and thus your personal well-being.

Personal Hygiene

Whether your gear is now clean or brand new, it is time to clean yourself. Make sure you clean extensively to re-hydrate your skin and stay smelling fresh.

Players of all shapes and sizes across the globe are fighting hockey smells. Never underestimate the power or hockey odor. It can be tricky. Luckily, there are many ways to beat it! But don’t take my word for it. Check out a complete guide by Pro Stock Hockey – with information from NHL trainers and staff – on how hockey players can defend against stench right here!


AJ Lee is a Marketing Specialist at Pro Stock Hockey, an online resource for pro stock hockey equipment. AJ picked up his first hockey stick at age 3 and hasn’t put it down yet. He’s an avid Blackhawks fan and is an expert in all things hockey equipment.