What to Do with Outgrown Hockey Equipment

Ever wonder what to do with your child’s outgrown ice hockey equipment? This is a dilemma faced by the parents of every growing child. Hockey gear may still have value, so long as is it merely outgrown and not worn out.

Are you looking to recoup some of your initial investment? If so, look on eBay to evaluate the market for the item. Remember to take good pictures and try to use USPS flat rate shipping options to entice bidding.

If the item is difficult to ship, perhaps it is very large or unwieldy, try posting on a rink’s message board. Local buyers are easy to meet and the need for shipping would be eliminated.

Do you know of another child who would be interested in hockey if not for the high upfront cost of equipment? Perhaps an offering of the used equipment would help to defray the entry barrier for the family.

Young players have been known to forget to pack some of their equipment. This usually happens during away games, when it is impossible to rush home for retrieval. Perhaps a coach or manager could coordinate a team effort whereby players keep one piece of outgrown equipment in their bag. That way, a complete or nearly complete set of extra equipment would be in the locker room at all times.

Lastly, take the equipment to Goodwill, a yard sale, or the rink’s lost and found.