Welcome to the NHL Gear Fanatic’s Online Paradise

Hockey fans are always interested to know what sticks, gloves, helmets, pants, gloves, blockers, pads and masks NHL players are using. However, nobody likes going to the dentist — and finding out what gear players use is like pulling teeth.

No more. The recently launched website www.GearGeek.com tells you everything you want to know about NHL equipment used by every active player in the league. GearGeek is the world’s first online database of NHL equipment, with more than 3,500 items used by 700-plus NHL players.

And, site information is updated daily, so real gear fanatics can stay current as players switch equipment over the course of the season.

Player equipment choices can be viewed in a number of ways. You can sort by brands, teams, positions, stat leaders and salary cap leaders. So, if you want to know every piece of gear your favorite player/goalie is using — no problem. If you want to know which brand of stick is most popular on a certain team, for a certain position, or for the NHL as a whole — you can get the answer within a couple of seconds.

GearGeek is free to use, and requires no registration or login. Just visit the site and start getting answers to your hockey gear questions … without pulling any teeth.

AJ Lee is the Marketing Coordinator for GearGeek, the first and only online NHL player equipment database.