Multisport Hockey Players

USA Hockey has a policy that encourages its members to participate in additional sports. They see a benefit to athletes participating and excelling at other endeavors. The mastery of skills necessary to participate in other sports has benefits both on and off the ice. Athletes gain a sense of accomplishment and self esteem from their participation in non-hockey activities.

I have often been asked, “How long is the ice hockey season?” I am not sure, because it has not ended yet, and my kid is a Bantam. I do know that ice hockey has a slow season, spring and summer. These two seasons are ideal for soccer, lacrosse, and baseball/softball. Most travel team versions of these sports play year round. While it is possible to play on multiple travels teams, sooner or later, it will become too much to handle. This usually occurs around the U13 age division. Most local recreation associations have leagues, which require minimal dedication. These leagues are the perfect outlets for hockey players who wish to participate in other sports. In addition to local recreation leagues, middle school sports typically begin at 7th grade. Middle school sports have practices and games, during the week, early in the afternoon. These times usually do not interfere with ice hockey games or practice.

Obviously, ice hockey should take athletic precedence, but it is possible and preferable to participate in multiple sports.