Hockey Words And Phrases That You Might Not Know

Christmas is over. You probably got a new stick or a cool jersey. Maybe Santa even brought you some tickets to go see your favorite team play their cross-town rivals. That’s cool.But, do you know what the Boston Flu is? How about alchamadijik? No? That’s because you DIDN’T get Andrew Podnieks’ “The Complete Hockey Dictionary” for Christmas. Yeah… That’s right. It has over 12,000 hockey words and phrases that you may or may not know.

Sure, you know what a Gordie Howe Hat Trick is. Big deal. Check out these words and phrases and drop them on your Rink Rat buddies at your next practice or game.

  • Bottle Popper – high, hard shot that knocks the goalie’s water bottle off the top of the net after going in
  • Cookie Shelf – top of the net where the flashy players shoot the puck (“He blasted it cookie shelf and the goalie didn’t have a chance.”)
  • Donnybrook – brawl or multi-player fight
  • Hawkie – (U.S.) early bowdlerized spelling of “hockey”
  • Love Tap – slash
  • Purple Language – swearing
  • Scoot – skate quickly (especially when describing a smaller player)
  • Sin Bin – penalty box
  • Tour de Chapeau – (French) hat trick
  • Turtle – instigate a fight through dirty or illegal tactics but then cover oneself and refuse to defend oneself
  • Wicket – name for hockey used in the 1830s, primarily in Nova Scotia

And that’s only a few of the over 12,000 words and phrases Andrew gets into! So, tell Mom and Dad that, for your birthday, you want Mr. Polnieks’ book. It will give you something to read on the bus or in the car on your way to the next tournament, showcase, practice, or game.

Disclaimer: I don’t get any kick-backs from this… This book is just cool and fun to read!